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When I moved to the United States two years back, I never imagined that  I would make so many friends in such a short span of time. But I’m so grateful to have met such amazing people who make me miss home a lot less than i would have if i didn’t meet them. With so many friends comes gatherings and parties and potlucks and impromptus and soirees and barbecues in the summer time and Sunday brunches and the list goes on. Though most of them are casual some occasions calls for an all formal Indian attire with those heavy jhumkas and jewellery. This was just one of them.

Before becoming a mommy, getting ready was a totally different ballgame. I took my sweet precious time to do my hair and makeup with freshly painted nails and false eyelashes . But with a four month old and an unset schedule, that is highly impossible.

So these are just some of the basic products i use for special occasions when I’m in a rush. First comes the foundation. Now I’m all for high-end products and stuff but any pregnant woman or a new mommy will tell you how much your skin changes during that time. my skin got so pigmented that i had to buy a one shade darker foundation than my original one and i didn’t want to spend so much because i knew i would regain my original complexion after some time.  L’oreal infallible was a saviour for me. I am so in love with this foundation. It gives such a good coverage , blends very easily into my skin and gives a mattifying look without drying out your skin . It was worth the hype I say.

The one trick i found to be effective when you are in a rush and don’t have time for that perfect winged eyeliner is a really bold lip. so i chose this Nyx simply vamp lip creme that totally helps in elevating my otherwise boring look( also these were the last days of winter and i was using every opportunity available to wear a dark lip).

A little bit of blush from Hikari that i got in one of my ipsy glam bags( yes im subscribed to ipsy) does the trick and also works as a highlight.

Now let me take a minute and speak about this bronzer which is by tarte amazonian clay. This stuff is bomb! Indian complexions do not need a lot of bronzer and there are not many bronzers out there that suits our skin type. but i found this to be highly effective. it actually gives my face a sculpted look which i had given up on achieving a long time ago. now just to finish off the look and make my hands look presentable i used this gel nail polish which dries off so quickly, you don’t even have to wait to pick up your crying baby who woke up just in time!

P.S. these does not include all of the products i use..this was just an overview and an excuse to show off my beautiful dress:p


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