Lets Do Pizza!

Pizza..pizza..pizza..Oh Thy glorious pizza! pizza makes my world go round.  The world owes the Italians  for inventing this heavenly dish. Most of the people, including me, before i tried it believe that its really hard to make pizza. but its not! its actually super easy. i searched the internet high and low for the easiest way to make pizza. Though most of them were pretty easy, this is what i came up with. It doesn’t even need a mixer and the proof time is just one hour.

All you need is (for the dough):

4 cups of all purpose flour and some for kneading

one cup warm water

two teaspoon instant yeast

two teaspoon sugar

one teaspoon salt

two teaspoon olive oil

a mixing bowl and your hands!



So first of all ,mix instant yeast into the warm water in the bowl…make sure the water is warm because yeast works better in warm water. Let the yeast activate for two minutes.

Add one cup of flour, two teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt . Start mixing with your spatula and slowly add in another cup of flour.Add the oil and mix again. Add another two cups of flour and mix till all the ingredients are combined thoroughly. keep it aside for 5 mins.

Put some flour an a platform , remove the dough and start kneading…The secret to best pizza dough is in the kneading. knead it for about 6 mins..divide the dough into two equal parts. Oil two bowls and place the dough in them .Slather a little amount of oil over the dough also so that it comes out smoothly. Cover it with a plastic cling film and leave it to proof for one hour. You can also leave it in the microwave for it to proof faster..DO NOT switch on the microwave.


Now comes the fun part. Remove the dough from their respective bowls and spread it out gently to your desired thickness.The more you spread the thinner the crust. Just pinch the edges to create a lip. Spread some marinara sauce or tomato paste on top and fill it up with your favorite toppings and lots of cheese. bake it for 400 degrees F for about 20 mins, and your order’s up!



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