Creative DIY Curtains

Since childhood, thanks to my parents, I was privileged to live in some really beautiful homes. My mum has a very keen eye in design and i was lucky to receive a teeny bit of her talent in me.

But rentals are not always easy and appealing. There is so much you want to change and so much you cannot change. So you just have to get creative and cover up those defects especially when you don’t want to spend much on a temporary rental.The one thing I hate the most is the blinds that many of the rentals have here. They are just so bland and has absolutely zero appeal.

Now i love me some crate and barrel or anthropologie but to spend $99 just on curtains is ridiculous!. So i took charge and made my own curtains. Its cheap, easy ,convenient and I’m so in love with the end results!


My husband had bought these curtains long before,but you can get these type of cheap curtains from ikea or walmart. Measure the length and hem the bottom if needed before hand. I used a stencil which I ordered from amazon and a  deco sosoft fabric paint.  Layout the curtains..Secure the stencil with painters tape and start stenciling with a paint brush or a roller..I used a paint brush because i felt the sponge of the roller was absorbing most of the paint. Keep painting till you have achieved your desired look. Let them dry for 24 hrs . Actually you don’t need 24 hrs. This paint dries pretty quickly,but just to be on the safe side let them dry for 24 hrs. Hang em’ up and watch your room come to life!


Tip: Make sure to use an old bed sheet or a tarp underneath the curtain before painting or else you will end up with paint all over the  the floor or carpet in my case.

keep cleaning the paint buildup on the stencil after every two or three times of use





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  1. Nazu kaunain Reply

    Wow!! They look pretty amazing and easy to do. Will give it a shot for sure!

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