Marching Into Spring

Spring is here and I love it! I was so done with the cold rainy  days and so happy to welcome the warm happy sunshine into my home again.I always wanted to do a spring post on my blog but i had no idea where to begin with. So the other day i went to the flower fields, and lets just say the beauty of it inspired me to write this post.

I always have a bucket list for every season.So i decided to write about the  list of things you have got to do in springtime! This is my first seasonal post so lets see how this goes.


Things you can do in spring:

springify your home:

Change and beauty starts from home. So the first thing I did or i think anybody does is to open those windows and the let the fresh air and sunlight seep in, leave back the dark slumber and the dampness of the cold ,and make everything colorful .Change the decor if possible..If not just decorate with fresh flowers and it will do the job..Brighten up your space and feel happy


Make spring inspired desserts:

On a beautiful day, what’s better than to treat yourself a little and enjoy the joys of baking. Make yourself a little dessert, sit by the balcony with a cup of coffee or your evening tea and a good book; though that is a luxury for a mom with a 4 month old who naps for only 10 mins. max , and your day is sorted. I had some overripe strawberries that I popped in the freezer to prevent it from spoiling and i made these strawberry strudels. You can find the recipe here


make spring themed drinks:

Spring is all about about the more colorful the drink the better. This roohafza with its sweet floral undertones, a nice spritz of lemon and some ice makes for a perfectly refreshing option.

Wear florals:

spring is the only time you can get away with everything floral..Be it clothes,shoes, bag or any other accessories. So get those flowery, billowy clothes or hijabs out and get your floral game on!

and lastly get out and soak up the nature!

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  1. Asif Reply

    Weldone dear a great start keep going it will give you more creativity and ideas

  2. Nawirah Afsheen Reply

    The pictures look professional! Post some tutorials for photography😋

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