Strawberry Strudels

I have a really bad habit of picking up stuff in bulk from costco and not using them sometimes. Every time I go there I promise myself not to pick up fruits or food that spoils fast, but I buy them anyways. This time time I bought myself a huge box of strawberries among many other things. My husband doesn’t even like them and  how much can one person eat.? So at the first sight of ripeness i popped them into the freezer to prevent them from going bad.( good tip btw).

Yesterday I was craving something sweet but was feeling too lazy to bake anything from scratch. So i scoured pinterest  for some inspiration(obviously duh?!) and I found this astonishingly easy recipe for strawberry strudels with store bought pastry dough which was also sitting in my freezer for quite a few days. I made a few tweaks in the recipe and made it from the frozen strawberries as the recipe called for fresh strawberries or strawberry jam in other versions.

Here is my slightly, very slightly tweaked version of strawberry strudel

All you need is:

Store bought pastry dough

Strawberries( frozen in my case)…you can use fresh or a jam

One cup of sugar

for the glaze:

One cup confectioner’s sugar

Almond extract

Milk or cream



First of all put the strawberries and sugar into a saucepan.

strawberry filling

keep mixing on medium flame until the sugar is completely dissolved and it starts looking like a jam. let it sit for about 10 mins.strawberry jam


tip: if you are using jam then you might have to add a little cornstarch paste to make it more syrupy.


Fill the pastry dough with jam and poke holes with a fork to prevent it from puffing to much.pastry dough strawberry strusel

Bake them at 350 degrees F for 20 min.

for the glaze:

Mix one cup of confectioner’s sugar with a little bit of milk or cream and two three drops of almond extract to form a paste. Pour the mixture over the pastries once its out of the oven. serve them warm and enjoy after clicking pictures and instagramming.#yummy#happy#so fulfilling.

strawberry pastries

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