DIY balcony makeover

Summer is just around the corner so I am prepping up my home and turning it summer-ready. The weather here has been so weird lately, theres almost a ten degree difference between the outside and inside of my house. The thermostat in my house shows a hell hole of 80 degrees and my weather app shows a perfectly cool 70 degree day. I swear its crazy.

I’m blessed to have a balcony in my apartment but I had never really used it except to store the extra boxes or junk in my house. So i decided to clean it up and make it my own little sanctuary for when it becomes too unbearable to stay indoors.

Now it was quite a challenge for me because I did not want to spend any extra money on new furniture because we move so much, I do not know what my next house will look like and if it would have a patio like here. so I had  to get a little creative and use whatever was available to me and DIY the hell out of it.

One thing I was sure about was I wanted a low seating for privacy, as a safety precaution for my 6 month old rolling over baby and also because it looks cozy. I had this old mattress which belonged to my dearest hubby from his bachelor days. I covered it with a bed sheet and hand sewed it over in such a way that it would be easy for me to remove it whenever needed. Added a couple of throw pillows and the seating was sorted.

The most exciting thing I did was make this diy coffee was super easy and super fun. I bought four wooden crates from home depot for 10 dollars each. I just sanded them and applied a clear coating of varnish. Drilled the crates and attached them together with screws and added casters at the bottom which I had picked up from a flea market. it looks so cool! I like just the way it is now but I might even paint it someday.

For the rug I used an old curtain and covered it with a plastic cover beneath to protect it from dust and stuff and finally put up some curtains ( not put up technically just clipped them onto the railing) for extra privacy from nosy neighbors.

Don’t forget to add some greens. This balcony makeover was my excuse to start my own little herb garden.


patio balcony


I love how this place turned out to be! sure its not gonna be on HGTV magazine or anything but not bad for an everything repurposed balcony. I’m so excited to use this as my little reading nook and long lazy afternoon naps.

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  1. Fousia Reply

    Wow you did a great diy job! Love how your coffee table turned out.

  2. Aicha Reply

    Thanks for sharing this it’s very informative and easy how to decorate your patio

  3. Yousra Naeem Reply

    Woah😍 so so good.
    You are absolutely a hard working lady👏
    I can’t make a super beautiful table like this. How did you do this?
    Everything looks so good❤

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